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Made some large textures and would like to share some old rain stocks as well. Thank you is a cool word and you are most welcome to add me as friend to get updates when I post. Click on the pictures to download.

5 Large Textures & 3 Rain Stocks

Large Texture 1 Large Texture 2 Large Texture 3
Large Texture 4 Large Texture 5
Rain Stock 1 Rain Stock 2 Rain Stock 3

--- ( +1 pixel font ) ---
Added a pixel font for download.
Rain Stock 3

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I haven't been on Photoshop much nowadays. Actually, I've been busy with my internship, so here's a texture set to make up for the many months I've been gone. Enjoy!

'Thank yous' are appreciated. Feel free to friend me for updates.

Texture Set #8 : Miniature Garden
texture #8 : miniature garden

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彡TEXTURES #1 & #2

This texture is made from all things Mel. I've been trying my hands on textures and decided to share the two icon textures sets that I've made yesterday. I hope someone will find these useful. File download is in .zip and textures are .pngs. Enjoy!

Texture Set #1 : Eden's Garden
texture #1 : eden's garden

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Texture Set #2 : Phoenix's Tail
texture #2 : phoenix's tail

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Simple Help / FAQ

These will briefly explain how to use the functions or why I frequently use these tools in most of my coloring tutorials. I am an avid fan of trial and error, and so experimenting is a habit of mine. I get carried away at times but these functions are my lifesaver. I hope this simple and short guide will be useful for you. 8)

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